National Survey Findings

These national survey findings are part of Australian Research Council Linkage grant (LP180100964) led by A/Prof Villeneuve and her team at The University of Sydney Impact Centre for Disability Research and Policy.

This project was supported by the NSW Government and conducted in partnership with all NSW Emergency Services Agencies, with significant support from People with Disability Australia, Carers NSW, the Australian Red Cross, and the Local Community Services Association of NSW.

Emergency Preparedness Survey of People with Disability
Emergency Preparedness Survey of People with Disability
Comparative survey of People with disability, Carers and the General Population
Survey of health and social care organisations
Survey of frontline service providers

Survey of Informal Carers

Dr Tonia Crawford, Co-investigator on the Leave Nobody Behind project, presents findings from the National Exploratory Study of the Preparedness, Capabilities and Support Needs of Informal Carers in Disasters.

Emergency Preparedness of Informal Carers - A Mixed-Methods Study
Emergency Preparedness of Informal Carers

P-CEP Evidence

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