Collaborating 4 Inclusion is an international program of research led by Dr Michelle Villeneuve.

Collaborating 4 Inclusion, addresses disability-inclusive capacity development using social learning methodologies to impact policy and practice and overcome inequities that people with disability experience in everyday living. Integrating policy decisions with local actions at the community level is fundamental to how my research impacts community resilience.

photograph of Dr Michelle Villeneuve

Photograph of Dr Michelle Villeneuve



PREPARE NSW is funded under the Community Resilience Innovation Program, Office of Emergency Management, NSW Department of Justice. This program is part of the NSW and Commonwealth governments’ National Partnership Agreement – Natural Disaster Resilience Program. This project will design a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resource to prepare NDIS disability support and NSW Community Health providers for person-centred emergency preparedness and planning with people with disability and chronic health conditions in the community. Find out more about the project by visiting the following:

Community Based Inclusion

In this project, we take the approach of collecting empowerment stories to illustrate different aspects of community based inclusive development and to profile how Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workers and disability advocates in the Pacific can work together with individuals, families, and communities to enable inclusion in all aspects of everyday life. Find out more about the project by visiting the following:

Media Inclusion and Disability: Resources for Attitudinal Change (MIDRAC)

This project will examine the role that education can play in promoting schools as inclusive environments by developing communication practices grounded in the values and ethos of inclusive education. Disabled people and their representative organisations have partnered with experts in education, media and communications from Indonesia and Australia to empower schools to develop innovative advocacy for communicating about disability and inclusion in the community and lead attitudinal change. This project is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Find out more by visiting the following: