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In this video a service provider, disability advocates, and emergency personnel focus on the connections they are making to support and advocate for people with disability in emergencies. Key messages emphasise the importance of emergency personnel reaching out to people in the community who already have networked connections to people with disability. These people are the starting point for increasing understanding and awareness about what people with disability can do for themselves and what they need to protect their safety in emergency situations. Disability advocates and service providers are “finding their role” as they learn and work together with emergency personnel and the people they support; to ensure that everyone in the community is aware, safe and prepared for disasters.
Bec explains the importance of not just listening, but learning and working together with people with disability so that you can experience what access and inclusion is like through their eyes. She shares an experience of working with an architect. Bec explains how the experience made her feel and why it is so important to invite the voice of people with disability into all planning and practices that affect their lives.
In this video disability advocates, Uncle Willie, Brendon, and Grant explain the importance of emergency managers sitting together with people with disability to learn and work together about ways to remove barriers to access for people with disability in emergencies. Informed by their lived experiences perspectives, these peer advocates offer advice to emergency personnel on specific actions they can take to increase the active and meaningful participation of people with disability in emergency management planning.
Emergency management coordinators John Hannan and Michelle McNeice talk about how the Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (P-CEP) supports contingency planning for emergencies, builds individual resilience, and enables resilience through support networks. They describe how emergency personnel work with their community, offer advice on how to get started with your own preparedness plan, and discuss, with examples, how to develop networked support for an emergency preparedness plan that works for you.

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