Lived Experience of Homelessness

Lived Experience of Homelessness

Dimensions of Homelessness


Jasmen’s Story

Jasmen's story
"In my experience of being on the streets, there’s no such thing as safety, because there’s nowhere safe to sleep."

Video. Jasmen has dreams and goals. She wants to work and have her own house one day. In this video, Jasmen shares her experience of growing up on the streets.

Audio only. Jasmen shares her story of homelessness, everyday risk, and disasters. She offers safety and preparedness tips. Her messages to emergency personnel centre on education and awareness of the lived experience and the power of listening as the first step in knowing how to help.

Grant’s Story

Grant's story
"I haven’t just stuffed up my whole life, things have happened to me."

Video. Grant shares his experience of living in a men’s shelter and reflects on his everyday management and resilience strategies.

Audio only. Grant shares his perspective on people with mental health support needs and the impact this will have on service providers in the context of providing emergency information disaster response and recovery support. Grant, Alison and Robert invite patience and listening as key to responding to the support needs of people experiencing homelessness.

Rob's Story

Rob's story
"I didn’t know who I could talk to, who could I trust?"


Audio only. Robert has lived experience of disability and was homeless for over 12 years. Robert shares how he managed every day and explains the challenges for people with disability in accessing emergency information, who to trust, and what preparedness actions to take. He also describes what worked for him and why.

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