SD Negeri Karanganyar School Action Plan

SD Negeri Karanganyar School Action Plan

School name: SD Negeri Karanganyar
Action plan: School open house (ongoing) and cooking class

School communication profile
SD Negeri Karanganyar is an inclusive school with 105 current students; 30 of whom are students with disabilities. Since 2015, the school has been actively using Facebook  to communicate regarding school activities, notably related to disability and inclusion. SD Karanganyar perceives Facebook as a way to introduce to the community the principles of inclusive education and the capabilities of children with special needs .

Details on action plan and progress on implementation
SD Karanganyar initially planned to run a school open house that would include an exhibition related to inclusion and disability. However, the school is currently under renovation and there is no information on the completion date. Instead, SD Karanganyar  initiated a few small activities that encouraged interaction between students with disabilities and their typically developing peers, such as a cooking class.

Challenges in implementation of the action plan
The main barrier for implementation of this action plan was the school renovation. The school does not have any control regarding building planning because it is centrally supervised by the education department. Additionally, despite being quite active in using Facebook, there were no recent updates by the school on the cooking class event as part of the action plan.

Impact of the action plan
Extracurricular activities helped school stakeholders to understand diversity and inclusion. In the cooking class activity, student with disabilities and their typically developing peers supported each other, facilitated by teachers. The class also attracted the interest and participation of parents.

Reflection on action plan implementation
The cooking class’s positive impact on awareness of the benefits of inclusion created a strong school commitment to regularly conduct extracurricular activities. There is also a possibility to extend the scope of activity; however, the strategy is still undecided.