Jogja Green School Action Plan

Jogja Green School Action Plan

School name : Jogja Green School
Action plan : Jogja Green School Fair

School communication profile
The school employs both conventional and digital means of communication to communicate with parents and the community. Direct meetings, school open houses, as well as social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube are used to communicate about disability and inclusion. However, often, the private accounts of teachers or the headmaster are being used to communicate instead of a school accounts.

Details on action plan and progress on implementation
The action plan was initially planned on the 3rd of December 2017, but it was delayed to January due to school exams and holidays. There are five different events planned within the Jogja Green School Fair: (1) Free check-up; (2) Mini seminar on ‘inclusive schools’; (3) art performances; (4) community workshops; and (5) a second-hand market.

The second-hand market served as a fundraiser, in addition to funds provided by school donation. The school displayed second-hand goods collected by students. The mini seminar was the main avenue to learn about inclusion and inclusive education. The Education Department was also invited to this event.

Challenges in implementation of action plan
Publication of the event was challenging. The school had difficulty attracting interest from the community. Social media was used to distribute information about the event as well as a dedicated event flyer.

Impact of the action plan
The event went according to plan and attracted many visitors from surrounding community as well as other areas. Visitors responded positively to the idea of an inclusive school and the principle that all children are unique and different.

Reflection of action plan implementation
The mini seminar was quite short and held in an open space. Thus, it was difficult for the speaker to engage with the audience. The school thought that in order to reach a bigger audience, it should engage with religious leaders in the surrounding the areas.

The school plans a future seminar targeting the association of early childhood education, using a ‘school visit’ as a method.