SD Tumbuh 2 School Action Plan

SD Tumbuh 2 School Action Plan

School name: SD Tumbuh 2
Action plan: Multiple activities, such as: Research publication (book), Morning Carpet, Inclusion song (in three languages: Indonesia, English, Javanese), video and social media.

School communication profile
SD Tumbuh 2 was established in 2010 and is the sister school of SD Tumbuh, a reputable inclusive school in Yogyakarta city. Both schools accept all children regardless of their socioeconomic, cultural, health and disability background. SD Tumbuh 2 is located within the Yogyakarta National Museum, and creative art is integrated into its education. SD Tumbuh 2 is active in campaigning for inclusion and disability through different means of communication such as: seminars, workshops, publications, and art. It has also been utilizing social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Details on action plan and progress on implementation
There were a few activities to support disability and inclusion undertaken by SD Tumbuh 2. Most of the activities were regular school programmes, such as morning carpet, an inclusion song, and social media usage. The only action plan established after the MIDRAC change laboratory workshops was a seminar to launch a book containing the results of SD Tumbuh’s research on inclusive education. The event received great response, with participants attending from outside Yogyakarta.

Challenges in implementation of action plan
No significant challenges were encountered during the implementation of action plans. There were a few difficulties in terms of using social media regularly. Particularly to determine ‘the message’. SD Tumbuh 2 would also like to increase the number of followers for its social media account to expand its reach.

Details on action plan and progress on implementation
The action plan facilitated students to learn about diversity and to respect, interact and share with all their friends. The social media further helped the school to promote its inclusive value, and engage more people with SD Tumbuh 2.

Reflection of action plan implementation
The school wishes to continue its implementation of the action plans as they have brought positive changes for internal and external school stakeholders.